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Ammouri Mbarek
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Ammouri M’barek
Born 1951
Irguiten Village, Taroudannt Province, Morocco
Died 14 February 2015
Genres Folk rock, soft rock, world music
Labels Sawt Annajah and Platinium Music
Ammouri M’barek was the renovator of the Moroccan Amazigh (Berber) Music, was born in 1951 in Irguiten, a small village located at the bottom of the High Atlas near Taroudannt town, in Taroudannt Province, Morocco,[1]

1 Filmography
2 Discography
2.1 Albums [5]
2.2 Songs
2.2.1 From 1978 Album – Nekk Dik A Nmun
2.2.2 From 2006 Album – Afulki [7]
3 Concerts
4 References
5 External links

biography (Usman Band, “Ousmane”), On Tifawin Program Channel 1TV RTM Morocco, (2007)[2]
Marrakech Express Program, On Channel 1TV RTM Morocco (2006)[3]
Nostalgia Program, on 2M TV local and 2M TV MONDE MOROCCO[4]
Albums [5]
Year Album
2015 Anaruz i Sifaw [6]
2006 Afulki
1999 Iniyyi kra (with Ali Chouhad Archach)
1994 Azemz Irufan
1993 Manzak Inn
1992 Nsaqsa Amanar
1987 Gennevilliers
1984 Iggig N Ssif
1983 Amenzuy Gh Ujeddig
1980 Mamenk Ur Yalla
1978 Nekk Dik A Nmun
1976 Takendawt (Usman Band, Two Cassettes) and (Usman retour of 1983)
1976 Usman Band (Ousmane) 45 tours (Two Cassettes)
From 1978 Album – Nekk Dik A Nmun
Track Listing Song
1 “Nik Dik”`
2 “Taghlaghal”
3 “Isksiten”
4 “Wayahou”
5 “Ourti Nlouz”
6 “Izwa Ifri”
7 “Amtta Oul”
From 2006 Album – Afulki [7]
Track Listing Song
1 “Manzak A Yan Igh D Isawel”
2 “Ifis”
3 “Amudd Irwan”
4 “Amarg N Ddunit”
5 “Ajeddig N Tayri”
6 “Anhattaf”
7 “Manzak A Yan Igh D Isawel” (Instrumental)

Festival in la cote d’Agadir -August 2010
Amazigh Great Evening (at The Mohammed V Sports Complex) in Casablanca – August 2010[8]
Festival Imezwag in Imi n Tanoute – July 2010
Festival Igoudar in Idaougnidif – July 2010 –
6th Edition of the Amazigh Culture Festival in Fes – July 2010[9]
Iklan Festival in Ouarzazate ( Hommage à Ammouri Mbarek) – April 2010[10]

Awtar[11] Festival in March (2009)

Imeâchar Festival of Tiznit. (2008)

Amazigh-Berber Festival in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. (2006)
Opening the festival Timitar in Agadir, Morocco. (2006) Watch, the Live performance. Excellent video by Festivaltimitar Mamenk ur Yalla Timitar 2006
Release of his latest album Afulki (2006)
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