About Us

AmazighTube is a community video blog and a non profit organization that represents the Amazigh Nation natives of North Africa from the Canarias Islands to Siwa desert.
It’s mandate is to promote the Amazigh, identity, culture, history and civilisation, to express our mission freely, to denounce the arabic occupation and their dictatorship regimes against the Amazigh people in their own land of Thamazgha.

The AmazighTube was founded in 2018, and has been providing quality video services to the public ever since and does all kinds of awesome things for the the Amazigh Nation.

The Amazigh slogan is: Akal Awal Afgan ” Land Language People”

As a new AmazighTube user, you can subscribe to our AmazighTube and/or you can create your channel and upload your own contents. Have fun!

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